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It's Your Best Friends Birthday? Here's 10 Things She Definitely Wants And Doesn't Already Have

By: Ariella Youssefyeh

Girls In Pink Party

So it’s your friend's birthday, they just got their dream job, got into their college of choice, or they’re not feeling too great, and you want to get a gift. You think about how well you know this girl, like you may have even been friends for years, but your mind is blank. Fully, completely, blank.

Well thank goodness for you, MUUZ has got your back.

Here’s our list of creative gifts your girls are sure to love.

1. Candier Candles For Your Girly Friend

Candier Candles

Candier candles are one of my favorite gifts to both give and get. From birthdays to random accomplishments to Mother’s Day, Candier offers the best candles that are chic, and smell delicious. (+ They’re female-founded and vegan, so what’s not to love). Most candles are around $36 but they do offer candles that are slightly more as well as slightly less.

2. Gemelli Jewelry For The Friend Who's Obsessed With Her Hair Care

Whether your friend is looking for a bow to match her Spring sundress or a golden, pearly clip for a night out when putting her hair down just isn’t the vibe, Gemelli Jewelry has it all. Besides the fact that these are the cutest ways to deal with a bad hair day, they’re also budget-friendly and range from $12-$46.

3. Mocktail Glasses For The Friend Who Just Moved Into Their First Apartment

Pacsun Jeans

From cocktails to mocktails, Porter Green is sure to have a colorful silicone glass for it. These adorable cocktail glasses can be purchased in packs of 2 with the price being $48.30.

Intelligent Change has a ton of options and is a go-to suggestion I give to anybody looking to frequent on the bright side of life more. For around $30 you can purchase one of the most useful and impactful gifts for a friend who’s into journaling, wellness, or positive mindset changes.

5. A Sunnylife Underwater Camera For Your Friend Who Is Vacation-Bound

Underwater Camera

With summer coming up, I know the place my friends be visiting the most is the beach, which makes this the perfect gift. But even for those of you who don’t have a beach near you, this camera is still the best for pool days or a summer vacay where you want to get the cutest pool pics without the hassle of worrying about water damage. Sunnylife offers several different options for underwater cameras, and they’re all at the price of $28.

6. Piecework “I Heart CA” or “I Heart NY” Puzzles For Your West Coast/ East Coast Bestie

nyc puzzle

Yes, these are definitely the most niche gift ideas in this article, but I also know that a few years ago I would have been obsessed with the “I Heart NY” puzzle had someone given it to me. Whether your friend has just made the big move or is hoping to make the big move soon, these puzzles come at the price of $38 each and fit the vibe of their big city dreams.

BaubleBar is the best pick for custom jewelry that’s easy to buy. Including budgets from $10-$100, they have all of the custom jewelry you could hope for and never fail to encompass the wants of different styles like initial necklaces or friendship bracelets.

Missoni Face Towel

Missoni is one of my all-time favorite luxury brands. While I would love to be able to drape my friends in Missoni head-to-toe, I’m still a teenager, and that just isn’t realistic. This Missoni Face Towel comes in two color ways and is $25. This gift is a must-buy when you’re looking for something designer that doesn’t break the bank.

9. This BEIS Jewelry Organizer For The Organized Friend

Beis Jewelry Organizer

I feel so much better when my jewelry and makeup are organized. The rest of my life can feel like a mess but as long as I have those two areas organized I already feel calmer. Your organized friend will love either of these and is sure to use them. This Jewelry Organizer ($34) and this Makeup Caddy ($49 but on sale right now for $39).

10. This Jonathan Adler I-Scream Match Strike For The Friend Who Thinks She's An Interior Designer

I-scream Jonathan adler

This match strike is one of a few offered on the Jonathan Adler website. I love how unique these are, and the ability to make them more edgy, or more girly, depending on what your friend likes. This match strike is $45 and so are the others offered on the website.

Next time you need a gift for that friend who is so impossible to shop for, come back to this article and hopefully all of your problems will be solved.

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