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No Service Summer | Embracing 'Do Not Disturb Mode'

By: Alexa Nissim

Do Not Disturb

For the past few weeks, I feel like I’ve been on my phone 24/7. I wanted to have a pretty relaxing summer so I didn’t plan a lot to do and wanted to live spontaneously. That also meant passing a lot of time on my phone. Truthfully, I caught myself being on my phone when I didn’t even need to like at dinner, relaxing by the pool, or even right when I woke up. I went on a short vacation and that’s when I decided to embrace “DND” and silence my phone for a few days. Here are some tips and what I learned from the experience. 

Distance is key

On the first day of the trip, I brought my phone down to the pool and felt I was using it way too much. I would check texts, be on social media, or even check emails. I was so annoyed at myself. So the next day, I woke up early, went down to the hotel gym, took a yoga class, and left my phone in my room. I went on a walk after and just unwinded. It was so nice to have that distance and just relax with the anxiety of having my phone around me.

Embrace DND 

Sometimes I wanted my phone to take pictures or listen to music. So I turned on ‘do not disturb’ to restrict myself from constantly checking messages. I also liked how I could customize the setting to allow texts from certain people. This also helped me by preventing me from looking at my phone when I first woke up to check texts. 

Self-reflection and presence 

Towards the end of the trip, I felt my presence at dinner or throughout the day was a lot better. I didn’t put my phone on the table, I just left it in my bag. I really felt more engaged. I was able to reflect more and just enjoy the peacefulness of being on vacation. As weird as it sounds, I was finally able to just relax by the beach and soak in the sun without scrolling through my phone. 

The next time you’re on vacation or even at home, try to leave your phone at home or embrace DND. Try to opt for a book or magazine, instead of your phone, it can truly make all the difference.

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