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Over Consuming is Out, It's Time to Shop Sustainably

By: Avigail Feldman

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This week while I was visiting my family in New York, we spent some time in upstate Woodstock. This area is rich in history, and is often a place where my family goes to relax and wind down. During my weekend upstate, my aunt told me about her group of friends ‘Woodstock Power Women’ (yes this is the actual name on the group text thread) and the community she has become a part of. She decided to let me tag along to one of the events and brought me to a clothing swap with the lovely ladies of Woodstock, and what I didn’t expect was how freaking fun this was going to be.

fashion sustainability

I will say, that being the only person under 20 years old was a bit funny at first, but spending time with these women was truly a pleasure - and the activity was just as rewarding. The whole point of a clothing swap is quite literally in the name. You bring whatever you want to get rid of in your closet and all gather to swap clothes and whatever is not taken is then donated. Not only is it a great way to get your spring cleaning done, but a really unique way to meet people in your community. I hadn’t really thought of how contributing to a group initiative would make me feel, but I can strongly say that when I am back home in Vancouver I will definitely be arranging my own clothing swap with my friends.


It's really quite simple, pick a time and place where people in the community can come to bring their belongings. At the one I attended, the host kindly provided a charcuterie board, wine, and music to make it fun! Some charities that I recommend donating clothes to are The Salvation Army, Goodwill, American Red Cross. As we head from spring to summer, now is the best time to clean out your closet, reassess where you shop, and have fun while doing it! Shoutout to the ladies of Woodstock for being so kind and welcoming, you have all inspired me to take advantage of the community I live in and learn from the people around me.


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