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Please Please Please Don't Forget These Summer Essentials

By: Ariella Youssefyeh

Sabrina Carpenter

Every beach day I find myself throwing a ton of random things I think I might need into a beach bag, and then forgetting something I really wanted to bring.

This year I literally refuse to be unprepared.

Here’s my foolproof checklist of beach day must-haves:


I’m literally obsessed with monograms. I think it adds such a nice touch to otherwise kind of boring products. While your beach towel definitely doesn’t have to be a monogram, this Beach People towel that allows you to add a monogram is one of my favs and will elevate your beach day vibe.

tanning oil

If I’m spending a day at the beach I better be coming home with some tan lines. This Tanning Oil from Sun Bum is so lightweight and shiny, helping you achieve the perfect tan. And just a reminder: tanning oil is so NOT sunscreen, don’t forget to wear that too.


I love making a quick stop at the grocery store for my favorite snacks pre-beach day. If you’re gluten-free and/or vegan, these are some of my favs (which my non-gluten-free and/or vegan friends LOVE too). Honorable mentions are fresh fruit—arguably the BEST beach day snack, and an acai bowl or salad.

music on Spotify

There’s nothing better to me than sunbathing with your friends on a hot day while listening to your favorite songs. Our MUUZ Summer Playlist will bring the best vibes to your summer days.


I’ve realized in the last two months that sunglasses are THE accessory. There are so many different styles, a pair for any outfit, and they’re just so “cool-girl”. Plus they keep the sun out of your eyes but that’s just a bonus honestly ;). Our MUUZ sunglasses guide will help you both protect your eyes and elevate your beach-day bikinis.

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