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Updated: Sep 20, 2023

Unapologetically living in your “main character” moment is something that you should never be ashamed of. You’re not a bad person for thinking that your life is all about you, it literally is YOUR life and YOU are in control of it. Make the intentional decision to do more of what makes you happy every day because you are living no one else’s life but your own and you should be taking advantage of every moment of that. If you don’t know where to start, don’t worry. Together we have created a list of 10 different ways to assist you in feeling more in control of your life while romanticizing it a little bit too!

1. Dress Up Your Daily Meals

From elevating your morning coffee to investing in some bougie new tea glasses, it’s important to take your daily activities (such as enjoying your morning coffee) to a more romantic, bougie level. Make your meals more special, carry around that special cup or sip on your bougie tea glass to romanticize every little moment.

2. Date Yourself

Who says you need a significant other in order to enjoy a fancy restaurant or a special date night? It’s time to throw on that Satin Dress and take yourself out. Go on a picnic in the park, make a reservation at that fancy Italian spot or do something adventurous, but do it for you and only you!

3. Find Your Muuz In Pieces Of Art

From abstract pieces to matching wall art sets, it never hurts to add a little piece of magic to your walls. Decorating your space, adding unique designs and filling your little world with something that inspires you is just what you need in order to romanticize the special little life that you live.

4. Make Yourself A Candlelit Dinner

Again, romanticizing your everyday life is all about taking the simple things you get to do, and just making them a little more special. Grab these candlestick holders, light your favorite candles and enjoy a delicious and sweet meal as the flames light up the rest of your night, leaving you feeling restful and at peace.

5. Get Fancy For No Reason

You don’t need a special event or holiday in order to pull out your favorite dress and get all fancy. Grab your favorite outfit and a pair of heels on any random day of the week to dress up your look, boost your confidence and romanticize any little thing that you get accomplished throughout the day. This is your world and YOU are the character, pick your wardrobe!

6. Take A Bath

Everyone knows that the easiest way to live your best life is by running a warm bath and throwing in your favorite bubble bath soap. It calms your nerves, relieves your anxiety and makes you feel like you are the only girl in the world, even if it’s just for a couple of minutes. No matter how busy you are, everyone deserves a few moments like this in their day.

7. Invest In Satin Everything

If you ever want to feel classy, sexy and confident all at the same time, just throw on

something satin like this skirt or a mini crop top. Something about satin just always looks and feels so special, not only romanticizing your everyday activities but boosting your confidence too.

8. Pick Up A Book Instead Of Your Phone

There’s no such thing as a “main character” who’s always just looking down at their phone. Pack a romantic book when you’re getting ready for a busy day around town so you always have something to pull out and read when you have downtime. This Colleen Hoover Book is a TikTok favorite and is recommended by basically everyone who gave it a read.

9. Upgrade Your Night Time Wardrobe

We’re all guilty of throwing on that oversized tee every time it’s “that time” of the night, but here’s a tip that will do you one better. Feel like Serena Vanderwoodsen in Gossip Girl or Carrie Bradshaw in Carrie Diaries if you invest in something like these satin pajamas or this matching set to not only feel better but romanticize your nighttime routine as well.

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