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So... You Want To Get Into Running?

By: Ariella Youssefyeh

Girl Running

Running has a horrible reputation. When I was a part of the cross country team in high school everyone told me that “my sport was their sports punishment”, and when I first got into running I hated it. Over time, by purchasing the most helpful products + adopting a better mindset, I realized that running is truly that girl. I promise.

So in case you also want to get into running, here’s my how-to guide on making running something you actually look forward to, becoming a faster runner, and seeing running as beneficial to both your mental and physical health.

1. Take It Slow!

I know what you’re thinking. This totally goes against what I said about becoming a faster runner. Just hear me out. Running isn’t always going to be easy, but unless you’re doing sprints or an interval run where you’re going very intensely, your runs can be challenging while still being doable. Running slower will make your runs more enjoyable, and can push you to reframe your mindset around running. A 10-minute mile is just as far as a 6-minute mile. If you put pressure on yourself to go too fast when you’re first getting into running it’s likely to feel like a punishment and you probably won’t want to consistently do it. Also, Take it slow at first and ramp up the speed as time passes. This will make you faster and prevent injuries by not rushing into anything.

2. Do NOT Neglect Your Stretching and Recovery

Create a stretching routine that you enjoy. I suggest picking a few simple dynamic stretches to do pre-run such as these found on Yale Medicine. As for post-run, these static stretches from Nike are perfect and won’t add too much time to your workouts. Besides stretching, methods such as foam rolling, sauna usage, and icing. I linked an easy-to-use and affordable foam roller here. Most important than everything else I mentioned though: sleep sleep sleep. I cannot emphasize enough how important good quality sleep is in your fitness journey.

3. Don’t Forget About Your Muscles

When getting into running it can become easy to forget about strength training or any workout that isn’t cardio-based. I’m here to tell you from personal experience to make

sure you give your muscles some love as well. I just had to take a two-month break from running because of knee pain that started from the smaller muscles in my leg that I hadn’t strengthened well. I suggest getting involved in Pilates or finding a training routine that involves weights as well a few times a week, even if they’re light weights. I know that many women have a fear of becoming “bulky” by engaging in weight lifting, but remember that 1. It’s okay to be strong as a girl 2. Gaining muscle isn’t as easy as you think 3. Having muscle is something to be proud of, not something that should dim your confidence

4. Find Your Running Community

TikTok and Instagram have been my holy grail for finding content creators who have the same running goals as me. Besides the fact that seeing their habits can be so motivating, they’re also relatable, provide tips, and help you build a community of runners. My favorites are @brettsbites and @gabbyaverill on TikTok. You can also try to find a run club like Cooldown Running which is in a few cities around the US to meet new people, or find a running buddy to make it more fun.

Nike Run Club is the BEST app for running. To be fair, I’m not a Strava user and I’ve heard wonderful things about it as well, but Nike Run Club is my ride-or-die. Both apps allow you to track your workouts and your pace, as well as other factors. Nike Run Club even has guided runs where you are coached through the app, as well as training plans for 5ks, 10ks, half-marathons, or marathons.

6. Picky Your Playlist Wisely

Some people prefer to run without music. I’m not one of them. I literally NEED music to run or I will not do it. Make sure to choose a playlist that hypes you up and gets you excited to run. Check out the MUUZ Spotify for some of our best picks, put together your favorite party songs to live out your main character moment, or even listen to your sad running playlist when you’re in your feels but still want to go for a run (running to sad music low key hits so different, trust me).

7. FuelUp

Fueling up is important pre-run, post-run, in general, and even during your runs. Pre-run easy-to-digest carbs like bananas, dates, or toast are perfect to give you an energy boost. Not everyone fuels during runs, and not every run may be worth fueling during,

but for long runs, fueling every 30 minutes is common. This can be done with a ton of different options from dried fruits to these Honey Stinger Energy Chews loved by many runners (myself included). Post-run, sweating makes you lose electrolytes, so make sure to hydrate well or even drink electrolyte water. In terms of food, I try to eat a balance of carbs, protein, fat, and fiber like apples with peanut butter if I want a snack, or Thai food or Ramen if I’m ordering takeout. If you need any other food inspo though, check out these MUUZ approved recipes.

Now that you’re basically a pro-runner (lol) remember to have fun!!! I’ve grown to love the way running makes me feel, and have made so many friends because of it. Enjoy you run, and remember to tag @ourmuuz if you use any of our tips <3

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