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These Fashion Brands Need To Be On Your Radar This Summer

By: Hana Tilksew

Matching Pajamas Linen

As someone who lives in a very hot, very dry region of California, I’m pretty picky about my summer clothing choices. They need to be cute, obviously, but they also need to be comfy, light, and high-quality (I hate having to get rid of stuff because it fell apart on me). My search for the best in summer fashion has led me to stumble on a few brands that are just so good that I can’t gate-keep.

The Breathable One: AYM

AYM is a relatively new female-owned label based in the UK. They’re committed to quality and sustainability, using bamboo fabric for most of their designs instead of the typical rayon and polyester. This fabric is advertised as being durable, naturally deodorizing, and regulating your body temperature — basically everything you could ask your summer clothing to do. As cute as some synthetic fast fashion designs can be, let’s get real: they’re not breathable at all. AYM’s large selection includes the most figure-flattering tops, as well as vacation-ready sundresses. My fave styles are the Elbert Top and the Ava Reversible Midi Dress.

The Low Maintenance One: Quince

My #1 choice for summer fabrics will always be silk. It’s much lighter than cotton and way shinier than linen. But silk can be a really inconvenient fabric to own when it comes to cleaning. If you’re a busy girl like me, you don’t have time to run to the dry cleaner every week, which means you might not get as much wear out of your expensive silk pieces as you’d like.

That’s where Quince comes in. Their reasonably priced washable silk line is laundry machine friendly — and it’s 100% mulberry silk, not a small portion of silk blended with synthetic materials. My fave styles from Quince are the Square Neck Midi Dress (perfect summer wedding guest attire!) and the Mini Skirt.

The Preppy One: Hill House Home

Hill House Home is a preppy girl’s utopia. According to their website, their vintage Americana vibes are designed to “bring beauty and joy to everyday rituals.” What I love about this brand is that they make everyday glamor possible — their designs are relaxed enough that you can wear them while grocery shopping, but also dressy enough that you wouldn’t be embarrassed to meet a cute guy wearing them. My fave styles from Hill House Home are the Daphne Dress (major Bridgerton-core summer vibes) and the Ophelia Mini Dress.

The Classic One: DÔEN

If you’re planning on a jet setting summer with an Old Hollywood-inspired wardrobe, look no further than DÔEN. Their classically feminine silhouettes make you feel like one of Hitchcock’s leading ladies. And they don’t ask you to sacrifice your morals for the sake of a pretty dress — they prioritize ethical manufacturing practices and a minimal environmental impact, which is super rare with fashion labels these days. My fave styles from DÔEN are the Obelia Dress and the Grace Dress.

The Splurge One: Charo Ruiz Ibiza

Will the Euro summer warriors among us please stand up? Charo Ruiz Ibiza is the perfect label for you. Every piece looks like it sprouted from a Mediterranean fantasy. Their prices are pretty steep, but if you’re willing to splurge a little, a Charo dress will last you for many Euro summers to come. My fave styles from Charo Ruiz Ibiza are the Cusia Short Dress and the Omelia Long Dress.

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