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These Products Will Save Your Curly Hair

By: Hana Tilksew

Curly Hair Selfie

Curly hair is easy to love, but also easy to resent. It takes a lot more time and effort than straight hair does. But the process is 10x easier when you have the right products. Here are my top recommendations for haircare that will not only make your curls look great but will also maintain the health of your scalp and improve your hair’s health over time.

Ouidad Advanced Hair Hold Gel

A good gel is essential if you want your curls to last beyond a single day. Strong golf gels will keep your hair defined, but most of them also make your hair feel crunchy and create flaking on your scalp. That’s where this great gel ($26) comes in. Ouidad’s anti-humidity gel not only locks out frizz but also has a lightweight consistency that won’t weigh your hair down.

Curlsmith Super Slip Pre-Wash Primer

If you want your shampoo to actually get deep into your scalp and wash every bit of grease away, your hair should be fully detangled before washing. But if your curls are very tight or dense, detangling can be a hassle. That’s where this pre-wash primer ($28) comes in. It gets all the worst knots out so your brush doesn’t have to do too much hard work.

Tangle Teezer Brush

Of course, you can’t detangle without the right hairbrush. Styling brushes have become really popular for curly hair, but in my experience, they’re very rough on the hair and rip your strands out. This brush by Tangle Teezer ($15.99) is very flexible, helping it to move with the knots of your hair instead of violently ripping it out.

Briogeo Curl Charisma Hair Mask

When you’re having a bad hair day and it feels like nothing else will work, that’s when you whip out this hair mask ($39). Thanks to protein from its rice amino, this mask strengthens your strands, clumps your curls together, and seals the hair shaft to prevent any damage or frizz. If you have protein-sensitive or low-porosity hair, you might want to skip this one, but it’s a must if you have weaker hair.

Shea Moisture Hair Masque

Briogeo’s mask, as great as it is, is also pretty pricey. Luckily, this hair treatment ($14.49) by Shea Moisture is a close dupe. It also contains protein but has a slightly thicker texture, making it great for anyone with coarse or dehydrated hair. And if you’re really feeling like a scientist, you can mix both masks together to maximize their joint benefits.

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