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When it comes to packing all of your sweet belongings into your carrying-on, size matters. Whether you're jet-setting to a tropical paradise or having a weekend city escape, these mini marvels promise to maximize your space, allowing you to bring along all your favorite goodies. From an unforgettable eyeshadow moment to flawless, glowing skin, you can't go wrong with these mini gems that will keep you looking your best while you enjoy your adventures.

1. This Eyeshadow Palette For A Bold Look

Whether you are going for a more natural look or something more bold, this palette has all of the most reliable and stunning shades that can blend effortlessly on your lids. The best part is that it comes in this cute, little packaging that takes up limitted space in your bag.

2. This E.L.F. Multistick Can Be Used In More Ways Than 1

Whether you use this E.L.F. Multistick as a natural eyeshadow, gorgeous lipstick or glowy blush, it's guaranteed to make you feel like your most gorgeous self. It's lightweight, easy to use and fits seamlessly in your cosmetic bag.

3. This Makeup Brush Set For A Blended Moment

Instead of taking up your entire makeup bag with all of your favorite brushes, make more space with this makeup brush set that comes with everything you need to blend flawlessly. From blush brushes to concealer blenders, you have everything you need right here.

4. This Mini Mascara To Bring Your Lashes To New Limits

Don't judge this mini mascara by its size. With its unique application brush, you can achieve the most long and voluminous lashes with just a few swipes. It has a deep, black shade and is guaranteed to lift your lashes to new limits.

5. This Travel Face Cleanser For A Flawless Face

Just because you're on vacation doesn't mean you can't complete your skincare routine. This facial cleanser dives deep into your pores, removing all of that excess oil and dirt that may be resting on your skin. It's lightweight and works fast, giving you the skin you deserve.

6. This Body Mist To Smell Irresistible

After one spritz of this body mist, you are never going to want to leave the house without it. Thanks to its small packaging, this fragrance is safe to travel with on planes, road trips and even in your purse when you hit the town.

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