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We’re Throwing it Back to OG Youtube: What's in My Bag

By: Avigail Feldman


When I was in high school, I was obsessed with all things OG YouTube - Alisha Marie, MyLifeAsEva, Adelaine Morin etc. One thing they all had in common was the popular "What's in My Bag" videos. I honestly don't know why I loved watching these videos, but I thought we could throw it back to the good old 2013 YouTube trend and do a "What's in My Bag" article. Aside from loose change and receipts, I have some essentials I can't go anywhere without.

Longchamp tote bag

First, let's take a look at my bag before we get into what's in it. Currently, this Longchamp Bag has been my go to this past year. It's perfect for class as it can fit so many things, but is also a great everyday bag.


I’ve never been a fan of huge wallets, so the one I always carry is small and often a simple card holder. This one from Marc Jacobs is perfect, and currently on sale!


This may be common, but I seriously can’t leave my house without my Airpods. Right now, I’ve been obsessed with the podcast called “Bookmark’d with Sara Carolii and Destiny Sidwell”, if you love to read you will be hooked!


My journal is another essential I like to keep in my bag at all times. Whenever I can catch some downtime, I love to write down any important thoughts.

Water Bottle

I have really been trying to drink more water lately, so having a water bottle on me has been really helping me reach this goal! I usually rotate depending on the day, but this water bottle from Lululemon is so cute.

Glossier Lipstick

Right now, I’ve been obsessed with this tinted lip balm by Glossier. It gives the perfect amount of color without feeling like you're even wearing anything on your lips.

lip gloss

Anyone who knows me knows that I keep a ton of lip products in my bag. A lip product that is in every single one of my bags is this Glowy Lip Balm by Laneige. Its the perfect everyday lip balm for maximum hydration.


Another constant item is the book I am reading. I make it a habit to always be reading a book at all times. Just recently I finished “Done and Dusted” by Lyla Sage and it was amazing! The one I am reading now and the one in my bag at this moment is “Butcher and Blackbird” by Bryane Weaver.

iPad and Laptop


I feel like my laptop/iPad is attached to my hip... these will forever be a staple in my bags.

claw clips

Last but not least, a trusty claw clip. I love how cute and easy these hairstyles can be and Strawberrymilkmob has some of the cutest ones on the market!

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Ruth Feldman
Ruth Feldman
Jun 12

Hmm, those treasures in your bag are essentials to every girls life.

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