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Every Underrated Brand You Need To Know About This Summer

By: Alexa Nissim

Girls on the Beach

I know most of you probably shop at the same few stores (I’m guilty of it too). Once in a while, I find an underrated brand, or maybe one that people just aren’t talking about enough. Let’s see some of my favorite picks.

This brand has a wide range of quality sets, swim, occasional, and activewear. They have unique swimsuits that are perfect for the summer. 

This brand has been going for a while, but somehow I always forget it’s around when I’m looking for summer clothes. They have amazing swimsuits, and other necessities like basic tees to get you through the summer. 

I recently discovered this brand and I feel like I’ve been missing out on such insane clothing. Kookaï is an Australian-style company that makes the most perfect summer items. I really love their sets and dresses.

I’ve seen this brand on social media a lot recently and everyone has been raving about their clothes. Lioness is super trendy and gives you high-quality items. They have really cute skirts and unique pieces that I love. 

While I would love to gatekeep all these brands, everyone should enjoy and remember to shop outside of their usual spots. 

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Shirin Green
Shirin Green
(31. 5.)

Can’t wait to try! Thanks for the tips 😉

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