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6 Outfits To Feel Sexy AF On Valentine's Day

Girl In Pink Outfit

I don't care if you are spending Valentine's Day on the couch with a tub of ice cream or at the fanciest steakhouse with the love of your life. Valentine's Day is about LOVE. Not just the love you have for your significant other, but the love you have for yourself too.

On top of the sweet gift you got for your man or the little Galentines you've prepared for the girls, make sure you're showing yourself some love when February 14th comes around. Whether that means you dress to impress yourself this Valentine's Day or you gift yourself with a sexy outfit that you can wear on your next night out... This one is for you ladies.

1. This Matching Set

Matching Pink Outfit

Okay, obviously this is the kind of look to go for on three seperate occasions.

  1. Your significant other is the love of your life and you want to remind them how frickin sexy you can be.

  2. You are trying to piss off your ex with the hottest Valentine's Day selfie Instagram has ever seen.

  3. You are going out to the bars or clubs after a long dry period and you're ready to make your big debut.

2. This Blazer Dress

Blazer Dress

It's giving boss babe, it's giving badass, it's giving "that's my girl" energy. I'm imagining this dress with like a slick back ponytail, matching pink lipstick, and the most sparkly heels you own. The lowcut design literally deserves a whole entire moment and that's all I have to say about this dress.

3. This Pleated Set

Pink Matching Outfit

You can't argue with a matching set. It literally eliminates all of the stress of throwing your clothes all over your room just to find a pair of pants that you MAYBE feel confident in. The best part about this set is that the whole thing is stretchy... And I mean all of it. It has a stretchy waistband, a stretchy top and the most flowy fit to keep you feeling comfortable all night long. Plus, it comes in pink!

4. This Maxi Dress

Cut Out Tight Maxi Dress

If you buy this dress, post a picture in it and don't tag me in your photo, I'm actually going to be upset. I've had this dress in my cart for months and I'm feeling like Valentine's Day is the perfect time to just buy it. It has the most sexy ombre design and cut-out look that I literally fall in love with every time I open my Amazon cart.

5. This Romper

Satin Romper

Trust me, dresses aren't for everyone. If you can relate, don't scroll past this romper because it is literally the best thing since Taylor Swift's "RED" if you know what I mean. The high-neck design, the satin texture, the chinced waistband... Are you kidding me? It's perfect and If I had somewhere to go on Valentine's Day, I think this would be my pick.

6. This Mini Dress

Red Wine Mini Dress Long Sleeve Ruffle

I will say it once and then I will say it again. I. Love. Amazon. The fact that these mini dresses are just laying around Amazon for a fraction of the cost of what they would be on the rest of the websites we shop on... IS CRAZY. This bodycon moment with the ruffle design is not just something you can wear on Valentine's Day but any special occasion this year.

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