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Bye-Bye Winter Blues: Your Cozy Guide to a Brighter Season

Worse than a bad case of the Mondays. Worse than a surprise assignment during finals week. Worse than craving Chick-fil-A on a Sunday. It’s our old (estranged) friend-- seasonal depression. 

You woke up one morning to dipping temperatures and a sky that decided to put on a whole “50 Shades of Gray” performance (and not in an Anastasia x Christian elevator scene type of way). Winter rolled in with chilling glory, bringing along shorter days and long, lonely nights. Everything about it makes you want to burrow under the covers and drown yourself in Netflix and Trader Joe ''s-brand Takis. And thus, you do. If you are really starting to feel the effects of the seasonal funk, know that you’re not alone. 

At some point, when daylight is clocking in and out with an 8-hour shift, the slump starts to feel endless. We know better than anyone that it seems there is no end in sight. No end to the gray skies. No end to the arctic tundra. No end to the winter weight gain. No end to the pale skin. No end to the parkas! (Although, we are so digging the Mob Wife aesthetic )

Honestly, hibernation sounds like the best tactic to combat this monotony, but we all know where that leads us. If you’re having trouble seeing the light at the end of the tunnel as we embark on this cold journey, here is every tip you need to keep the faith that there are warmer, brighter days ahead.

1. Sunshine on Demand With This Light Therapy Lamp

If you’re feeling extra blue amid the gray skies and winter winds, you might need a little Vitamin D in your life. Ditch the dungeon-bedroom aesthetic, and order one of these desk lamps that will emulate a mini sun. Think of it as the sun’s regular mood-boosting magic, without the risk of frostbite!

While the rest of the world is dark and gray, do your best to brighten your mind and body up with nature’s palette. Fill your plate with all the colors of the rainbow– an aesthetic array of fruits, veggies, etc. Whatever it is you choose to consume, remember that what is good for your body is even better for your brain. And sure, you can still sneak in your guilty pleasures here and there! Just keep it balanced.

3. Move And Groove

Trudging through a blizzard to get to your workout is the WORST. However, moving your body is your own way of pressing the reset button on your day. Be honest, when have you ever felt worse after a workout? That’s right, aside from a little muscle soreness, you probably always feel a wave of accomplishment and a comforting serotonin boost. This is your sign to get out from under the duvet, throw on your favorite Alo set, and get to your workout class. And hey, if the conditions simply don’t permit, here are our favorite at-home workouts to make you feel a teeny bit better on even the harshest of winter days.

4. Keep the Social Vibes Alive

It’s sooo easy to snuggle into your cozy bed and simply wait for the warmer, dartying days to come about– but what a lonely life that would be? Don’t let the temps stop you from staying connected with your girls. Nothing is more soul-warming than a PowerPoint night with your roommates or braving the cold to venture out for GNO. Surround yourself with those who fill up your cup (preferably with hot chocolate).

5. Mind, Body, Soul

Nothing soothes the soul more than some meditation, deep breathing exercises, and a good self-care routine. You might already have a concrete skincare routine or even a relaxation ritual, but here are our favorite little luxuries to incorporate into your self-love night-in. Pssst…. Our favorite self-care tool is the facial steamer. One at-home steam a day keeps the winter meltdown at bay!

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