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Celebrating the Joy of “Me Time”

By: Alexa Nissim

Reading book in water

I’ve recently found myself working hard to balance my time alone with my time socializing with friends. I obviously love spending time socializing and being with the people I love. But it can be really exhausting. The time I have to myself is so valuable. Here are some tips and ideas I’ve gathered from embracing those moments alone.

Alone time is better than being with people who don’t add value to your life

I, along with many other people, had to learn this the hard way. It’s so difficult to distance yourself from people because you’re scared to be alone, but at the end of the day it’s so important. Whether it’s breaking up with a significant other or friend, you’ll see that being alone after that isn’t so bad. Also, you’ll end up finding your people that are so much better than you would’ve thought.

Finding the balance

Spending time alone can be filled with amazing things. Not only can you go on solo trips, but you can just sit in your room meditating or journaling. I find that doing this can help the energy you have when socializing. I recently went on a girls trip with my friends and I was able to balance alone time and time with my friends. Even though we shared a room, we carved out time to recharge and relax after a busy day together. This really helped us be more energetic when we were together at dinner or going out.

Take yourself out on a date!

If you need some ideas on what to do during your new found alone time, I gathered some that I have done or think would be fun! Some activities could be: baking, going on a walk, reading, taking a pilates class, and so much more. The options are seriously endless.

Discovering the importance of alone time has been eye-opening for me. Whether it's choosing quality over quantity in friendships, balancing your social life with moments to recharge, or simply treating yourself to activities, embracing alone time will become a staple in your life.

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