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Valentine's Day For One

By Ellie Zeiler

When Mia and I were creating ideas for this week's articles she said to me “Ellie do you want to write a piece on how to be single on Valentine’s Day?” I laugh and go “What makes you think I'd want to do that?!” *something to mention is Mia is in a very healthy happy relationship with her boyfriend… where I am clearly not. So we both know I'd be perfect for this job.

The past few months have been very transformative months for me and how I feel about being single. Aka I went from dying to have a boyfriend to being extremely happy to be alone. So without further ado here is how to be single on the day we celebrate couples.

You’re not going to be single forever-

Something that changed my mindset about living a single life at my age (19) is that if all goes to plan I will be married with kids someday and in 10 years my Valentine's Day will be full of a lot of people and responsibility. Right now is the only time in our lives that the only person we have to take care of is ourselves. So just enjoy being alone because you simply are just not going to be single for the rest of your life.

It’s really not that deep-

Okay, the title sounds a little insensitive but once you can get over the idea that Valentine’s Day isn’t that big of a deal it makes you feel a lot better. I'm sure this is much harder if you’re in school surrounded by Valentine’s Day-themed parties and couples planning dates but if you can just compartmentalize and think of those parties as an excuse to buy a new pink top and have heart-shaped candy the day isn’t as deep as your brain tricks you into thinking it is.

Do something for yourself-

When thinking of things to do for yourself I do not recommend going out to a restaurant on Valentine’s Day. The place will be full of couples and the restaurants will have fixed menus. What I plan on doing is buying my favorite candy, getting into bed at 8 pm freshly shaved and showered, and watching Thirteen Going On Thirty. (If you haven’t seen it you must) then I will fall asleep by 10 and wake up to a whole new day that doesn’t put pressure on me to have a boyfriend.



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