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We're Lounging All Summer | Here's The Coziest PJs You Need

By: Shaylin Smith

Matching Pajamas Linen

One of my favorite things to do when I need a night to myself is to take an everything shower, cook a healthy dinner, and watch my favorite T.V. show all while wearing my favorite pajamas. Self care is so important, and one of the ways I take care of myself is taking a night in and getting cozy in a cute pair of pjs. There are pajamas everywhere online right now, so let me make your search for the perfect pair easier. Here are my favorite pajamas!

1. Eberjey Gisele Printed PJ Set

Eberjey PJ Set

Eberjey pajamas are like no other, I have literally never touched something this soft. They are a little pricey, but comfort is an investment and these pajamas are definitely worth the price. I got these as a gift and they are my go-to’s! If you have a birthday coming up or want to splurge on yourself, put these on your list. You won’t regret it!

2. Skims Long Sleeve Button Up Set

SKIMS Pajama Set

Skims never misses. These pajamas come in so many different, adorable prints and they release new designs for every season. I got these pajamas during their valentine's day collection drop and haven’t stopped wearing them since February. You feel so cute but also so comfy at the same time.

3. Djerf Avenue Summer Berries Shirt x Pants

Djerf Pajama Set

We have all seen the Djerf Avenue fruit robe, but I think these pajamas are even cuter. I love the oversized fit of these pajamas. They are not too big, but oversized enough for comfort and I love this berry print for the summer time. Climbing into these pajamas after a long day is the best feeling.

4. Victoria’s Secret Modal Long Pajama Set

Victoria Secret Pajama Set

Victoria’s Secret Pajamas are a classic. These pj’s are soft, comfy, and cute. I love the black with the pink trimming as it is a timeless color that will always be in style. I do recommend sizing up in these, I like my pajamas to be a little bit big and sizing up one size will do just the trick!

5. Amazon Cherry Printed Lounge PJ’s

Cherry Pajamas Amazon

I love the material of these pajamas, they have a light, linen feel to them which is perfect for the summer time. The cherry pattern is adorable and perfect to hang around the house in after you wake up or before bed time. Every summer wardrobe needs a pair of short pant pajamas!

6. Target Collar Top and Shorts Set

Target Pajama Set

Do not sleep on target pajamas!! They are low in price, have so many adorable colors and patterns, and are so soft. I love these pj’s, I have them in navy and I think grey needs to be my next purchase!

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