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Ellie Zeiler : Ellie is a co-founder of MUUZ and has been a lifestyle content creator since she was 16 years old, amassing over 13 million followers across social media platforms. Known for her influence in fashion, beauty and all things “great taste”, she’s become a go-to resource for what to use, what to buy and how to put it all together. Ellie is also a successful podcaster and her show, “I’ll Be Your Sister” reaches Gen Z. girls who are looking for connection and guidance on everything from friendships and dating to mental health and how to not only survive but thrive during your teen and young adult years. Ellie is excited about the launch of MUUZ, her first self-owned and operated business venture with her lifelong friend, Mia. Ellie lives in Los Angeles and grew up in San Diego, CA.



Mia Meltzer : Mia is a co-founder of MUUZ and a seasoned digital marketing expert. Before starting her own media company, Mia graduated with honors from Indiana University. During college, Mia worked as a freelance writer, contributing high-earning affiliate marketing stories to major news outlets like CNN, Daily Mail, and Huff Post. An expert in sales-driven editorial, Mia has a uniquely honed skill of creating hard-hitting, commission-based content that leads readers to make valuable purchasing decisions. Mia is thrilled to be in partnership with Ellie and feels their respective skills and backgrounds make for a perfect partnership. She is based in New York City.

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