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Sweats Are Out: These 10 Summer Dresses Are In All Season

By: Ariella Youssefyeh

Girl Sipping Wine in Dress

The time has come—Summer!!! With summer comes my need to be in outfits that are both comfortable and make me feel cute. This is where sundresses come in. I didn’t realize the value of a sundress until I spent last summer traveling for a few weeks and needed an easy outfit that took me all of 5 seconds to put on, but made me look so put together and clean.

Here’s my list of the ultimate must-have dresses for summer 2024:

Floral Dress

Starting off strong with a dress that I both have and love. Last summer this was my go-to sundress, and I kid you not when I say I was receiving compliments left and right when I wore this. It’s so flattering and accentuates your natural features perfectly. I cannot recommend this dress enough.

Yellow Strapless Dress

This dress is the perfect shade of yellow for summer and is simple, made well and hits at the ideal mini-dress length.

Black Sundress Mini

As much as I love florals and bright colors, some summer moments call for a simple black or white dress. The lightweight fabric and cut-out in the chest area allow for the perfect mixture of comfort + style.

Maxi Dress

While I’ve never been a long dress kinda girl in the past, this dress is enough to convert me. Imagine this shade of pink on a tan?! I can’t get enough.

Linen Dress

If you still want to partake in the Summer Sundress vibe, but want your closet to give that clean-girl Sofia Richie aesthetic, this is the dress for you. I love how timeless this dress is, and I know that if you get it now, it’s sure to stay a closet staple forever.

Off The Shoulder Dress

This dress is so elegant and can easily be dressed up with some heels, or down with a pair of comfy sneakers.

Dainty White Dress

This dress is so adorable, and the sheer fabric with the muted colors literally makes me feel like a fairy.

Satin Midi Dress Orange

POV: It’s Euro Summer, you just came back from a day of tanning and drinking Aperol Spritzes by the beach. You have that sun-kissed glow on your face that makes it look like you’re wearing makeup when you’re not, and you’re about to get ready for a dinner where you’re dying to get some cute photos with the sunset, your wine, your girls, and your pasta. You look through your suitcase, and you’re SO happy you decided to bring this dress on your trip. (If that didn’t sell it to you I don’t know what will)

White dress Midi

You have zero energy to get ready, but you have somewhere to be and need to look put together ASAP. This dress gives you the best base outfit and with an addition of earrings and a slick back bun or ponytail, you’ll be ready to go.

Maxi Cutout Bodycon Dress

This baby blue color is to die for, and this dress will make you look like you are dressed to impress wherever you wear it. This dress will compliment a summer wedding or any colorful and bright summer event seamlessly.

Summer outfits are the best, but can sometimes be the hardest to find. I hope we made your summer outfits both easier, and cuter.

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